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Car 31 - Planning for 1999 Anniversary Tour Began 20 Years Ago

1900 Biddeford & Saco Railroad open trolley car No 31
in operation at Seashore Trolley Museum on June 17, 1999,
the day before being loaded on a low flatbed trailer in
preparation for traveling back to Saco, Maine. Car 31 would
be on "tour" for a week, visiting its old neighborhoods in
Saco, Biddeford, and Old Orchard Beach as part of the 
60th Anniversary Celebration for Seashore Trolley Museum.
Ten days later, the balance of $42 was paid to complete the 
purchase. Car 31 left Saco on July 15, 1939, and traveled to
it's new home in North Kennebunkport The purchase of
Car 31, made it the first trolley car, anywhere in the world,
to be acquired by individuals for the purpose
to start a trolley museum.

2019 will be Seashore Trolley Museum's 80th Anniversary!

      Reflection - Twenty years ago, in preparation for Seashore Trolley Museum's 60th Anniversary Celebration, I received permission to raise funds for the Museum's first trolley car, 1900 Biddeford & Saco Railroad open trolley car No. 31. The J. G. Brill-built, 60-passenger open car had operated out of the Saco, Maine trolley carbarn on Beach Street for 39 years before being acquired by the young men who began what would become, Seashore Trolley Museum. For the better part of a year, we raised money, did some maintenance work, applied some paint and varnish, and had the National Register of Historic Places gem looking great for its trip back home in 1999.

      This blog post is a pictorial summary of the 1999 Car 31 60th Anniversary Tour. It is still spring, and as the project manager for the Narcissus, I'm looking ahead a little bit and planting some seeds here in this post:) I became quite nostalgic as I dug through my archives and combed through photo albums for these pictures (none were digitized). Lot's of volunteers and staff put in very long hours each day for that week in 1999. I hope you enjoy the results of my "dirt therapy" :)

      I took most of these pictures, but not all. I'll make a note otherwise if I can recall who?

Pre-tour promotion with Bob Black
being recorded for the Biddeford
Cable Access TV promotional tape.

Peter Wilson brings the tractor-trailer around 
1901 Boston Elevated Railway Switching Station, Tower-C.

Heading to the loading area.

Preparing to load Car 31 on to the
trailer. L-R Peter Wilson, Mike Simonds
Roger Tobin.

L-R - Jack Coyle and Chuck Griffith use 1920 Oshawa,
Ontario, electric locomotive No. 300 to move cars so that
Car 31 can access the loading dock.

Chuck Griffith at the controls as he approaches the trailer.
No overhead problem. A "bug" was used.
A bug is basically an extension

Safely loaded.

Peter Wilson next to Car 31 in the parking lot at the visitor
center of Seashore Trolley Museum. Here the car will
be prepared for the trip to Saco.

Mike Simonds changing the light
bulbs out and replacing with 32-volt
bulbs for use with 110-volt

Ben Yuscavitch checked all electricals
for use during night opps. when Car 31
would be on display.

L-R - Mike Simonds, John Middleton, and
Ben Yuscavitch secure one of the banners to car 31.

Ready to roll. In the background, the 1901 Boston Elevated 
Railway, Northampton Station, looks on.

Normand Viger, with his grandson, 
receiving info from Mike Simonds
on how Car 31 is secured to the trailer.
Normand was one of the volunteers
to drive the tractor-trailer rig.

L-R -Henry Dickinson, Mike Simonds, Normand Viger,
Normand's grandson, Dick Avy, and Roger Tobin just before 
we hit the road.

Normand Viger driving the tractor-trailer with Car 31 as
they begin to leave STM.

Car 31 entered what became the entrance to the Museum,
from what was gravel, Biddeford Road in 1939, now exits
the Museum grounds for the first time in 60 years.

Car 31 turns right from Log Cabin Road in Arundel, onto
Route One, North. Henry Dickinson's car is parked as he
records Car 31's travels.

Car 31 crosses the railroad tracks and
stops for a moment on Main Street, 
Saco next to the very tall 1915
line pole from the Biddeford & Saco
Railroad that held the 600-volt, DC
electricity that powered Car 31. This 
line pole was left in place when Main
Street received new street lighting poles
and lights in 2005. The other lines poles
were donated to Seashore Trolley Museum,
along with several of the original ornate
pole caps. The line poles that were along
Main Street in Biddeford were donated 
to the Museum when upgrades were made
in the late 90s.

This 1937 or later image was taken from the
opposite side of the tracks and across the street.
You see the tall line pole next to Car 612..look at
how high the trolley pole is :) From O. R.
Cummings 1989 book, "Streetcars to Old
Orchard Beach"

Car 31 passes Saco City Hall.

This blogger with his back to the camera, wearing a very
limited edition t-shirt with 1920 Portland Railroad No.
615 image. No. 615 was sold to the Biddeford & Saco
Railroad in 1936 and operated alongside Car 31 until 1939.
They were reunited in 1941 when No. 615 arrived at
Seashore Trolley Museum as the third trolley car in the
growing collection in North Kennebunkport.

During its operating years (1900-1939) for the B&SRR,
Car 31 would generally turn right onto Beach Street
(left for us reading this)when heading north on Main Street,
Saco. The carbarn was a mile or so east on Beach Street on the

Car 31 on Main Street, Saco, across the street from
York Institute Museum (Now Saco Museum).

York Institute Museum (now Saco Museum) with the
outdoor banner (on the right) promoting the new exhibit;
You Could Get There From Here: Life In Maine's
Trolley Era.

Car 31 entering the parking lot of York Institute Museum
(now Saco Museum).

L-R - Roger Tobin holds the ladder
for Jack Coyle as Jack secures the
Car 31 tour banner.

Normand Viger and his grandson at
the controls of Car 31 after safely
delivering the historic treasure to its
first tour stop.

Jack Coyle making some last minute
adjustments to Car 31's trolley pole rope.

Car 31 in place for the opening night reception event
at York Institute Museum (now Saco Museum) on Main
Street, Saco.

L-R - Mike Simonds securing Car 31's
trolley pole rope while Bob Hughes and
Henry Dickinson relax in the vestibule
prior to the reception celebrating the 
opening of the new exhibit;
You Could Get There From Here:
Life In Maine's Trolley Era.

L-R - Bob Hughes. Dick Howe, and O. R. Cummings relax
prior to the reception celebrating the opening of the new
exhibit; You Could Get There From Here:
Life In Maine's Trolley Era.

L-R - Bob Black, Mary Ellen Black, Judy Avy,
Helen Heffner at the reception celebrating the opening of the
new exhibit; You Could Get There From Here:
Life In Maine's Trolley Era.

L-R - Rick Michaud (Saco City Mgr.), Saco Mayor Bill
Johnson, Dyer Library Executive Director Marilyn Solvay, 
and Mrs. Johnson at the reception celebrating the opening of
the new exhibit; You Could Get There From Here:
Life In Maine's Trolley Era.

L-R - NEERHS (Seashore Trolley
Museum) Chairman of the Board Jim
Schantz and Dyer Library Association
Chairman of the Board, Jim Pate.

L-R - (unknown), Paul Kochs, Jim Schantz, Peter Folger,
Nancy Auclair, Lisa Roland, and Gary Jenness.

L-R -Jim Hamlin and Mike Simonds ready to take
Car 31 to Saco DPW for the night.

Mike Simonds finds that Car 31 almost
fits into the building at Saco DPW.

L-R - Jack Coyle and Mike Simonds on the roof of Car 31.
Jim Hamlin on the ground as they cover Car 31 with a 
tarp for a good night's rest. Busy days ahead.

L - Roger Tobin and Henry Dickinson (red hat) mingle with
visitors during the public opening event of the new exhibit at
York Institute Museum (now Saco Museum)

Bob Black shows visitors how Car 31 operates.

L-R - David Newton looks on as Bob
Black is interviewed "Live" for
broadcast on radio station WRED.

L-R - Tom Simonds holds his son's
hand while "Uncle Mike" (Simonds)
 demonstrates the new penny machine.
The squished penny has an image of
Car 31 :)

Uncle Mike (Simonds)
demonstrates to his nephew how a 
trolley farebox operates.

Al Deshaises entertains visitors
during the public opening celebration.

R - Scott Hooper explains to visitors
how Car 31 operated in Saco for
39 years.

L-R - Jim Pate holds his daughter.
Polly Bruns (Charles Seaward's daughter),
and Win Peck.

Bob Black at the controls. Models in authentic period dress
have a photo opp on Car 31.

Center - Tom Hardiman of York Institute Museum accepts
actual motorman's hat and hat badge from the B & S RR
from Foster Leavitt's great, granddaughters.

Car 31's car cards look great in this image :)

This blogger assists a young model as she steps off Car 31.

Scott Hooper talks with visitors on Car 31.

Then it's off to another stop.

Main Street Biddeford. Pepperell Bank was a major financial
contributor to the Museum in support of the Car 31 tour.

Mike Simonds directing traffic safely around Car 31
on Main Street Biddeford.

Part of the Car 31 team for the day. L-R - Charles Hammond,
John Arico, Mike Simonds, Normand Viger, and Roger

L-R - John Arico, Mike Simonds, and Charles Hammond.

Sometimes we positioned Car 31 so that it was close to being
in the same position as it was during operations. See image
below :)

Close :)

Rotary Club luncheon at Wonder Bar
Restaurant in Biddeford - notice
sign on the sidewalk :)

Display of Biddeford & Saco Railroad at the luncheon.

Center - Biddeford Mayor Donna Dion
handing out Seashore Trolley Museum
hats at the luncheon.

Center - Biddeford Mayor Donna Dion

Phil Morse and Mayon Dion enjoying a moment on Car 31.
Did John Arico snap this photo?

L-R - Phil Morse, Donna Dion, and Al Deshaises.
John Arico photo?

The current president with many past presidents of the
Rotary Club.

L-R - Henry Dickinson, Mike Simonds, and Jack Coyle.

L-R - Mike Simonds and Roger Tobin

On the road again.

See next image :)

Close :)

Alfred Street heading towards Five Points.

Alfred Street and approaching Five-Ponts in Biddeford and
what would have been a sharp turn right onto Elm Street
in order to head back to Main Street.

L - Gerry O'Regan R - David Newton just off Route One
in Biddeford.

Attempts to park Car 31 in the yard of
Harmon Museum at the top of the hill
(to the left out of this frame) were
unsuccessful, so with Jack Coyle on the
roof to keep wires clear, Car 31 travels
east as it did for 39 years, to the end of the
line in Old Orchard Beach.

The end of the line in Old Orchard Beach just before the
railroad crossing. Look at the building to the right.
Now, look at the next image :)

This image was taken on June 18, 1939.
It was this trip, on this day, on Car 31 during the
fan trip, that it was decided to buy Car 31.
Notice the building on the right :)

Same building in 1999 as in the image below.

June 18, 1939, of Car 31 during that fateful fan trip.

There are many postcards of trolleys park in OOB with this
point of view.

Light rain caused us to pack up and button up Car 31 and
leave a little early. Off to Biddeford DPW for the night.

The next day we started off in Biddeford at Shop & Save
(now Hannafords).

Car 31 meets up with an old friend from Seashore, 1967
General Motors "New Look" bus from Boston. From here
the two mass transit vehicles will leave and participate in the
LaKermesse Parade.

A picture I took  earlier in 1999 showing
rails of the Biddeford & Saco busting
up through the pavement.

Car 31 traveling down Elm Street to
Main Street, right over that rail :)

The rail can be seen breaking through
the yellow paint :)

Looking down Elm Street to the Main
Street intersection.

Car 31 turns the corner from Elm Street and enters Main
Street. The building seen on the left is now gone, but in
photos, film, postcards of trolleys turning this corner, just
like Car 31 is in this photo, the building was a butcher shop
at one point, with prices written in the windows.

Car 31 in the LaKermesse parade line.

Right - Gary Jenness hands out Trolley Museum info to
parade audience.

Car 31 on display at LaKermesse

A large number of visitors were expected. John Middleton at
the handbrake in the vestibule with Cecelia Clapp staffing
the table.

George Sanborn, Jay McMahon, Roger Tobin.

Right - John Middleton chats with visitors.

Left- Ben Yuscavitch chats with visitors.

Left - Jay McMahon in the vestibule.

Jay McMahon makes a new friend.

Roger "Fluffy" Tobin learns that this
cotton candy is his namesake.

Simonds' family reunion in
the vestibule of Car 31. L-R -
Brothers & Sister - Michael, Harvey,
Jacquelyn, and Thomas.

Henry Dickinson connecting
with visitors.

Night lights.

Henry Dickinson leads the packing up crew at the end of
the night.

The tarp is being removed from Car 31 as Mike Simonds,
Jack Coyle and Matt Whiton prepare Car 31 to leave
the safe confines of the Biddeford DPW and head home to

And like that, Car 31 returns safely home to Seashore
Trolley Museum.

What at trip! 

Gotta get back on the tracks! Only seven days until
the 60th Anniversary Celebration!

Heck of a way to start off the celebration on July 5!
"Hey, Mike!"

Yep, there are rails under there. Car 31 returned to the tracks
in relatively short order :)

R-L - Tom LaRoche at the controls with Robert Perkins as
they direct Car 31 with many happy visitors on July 5, 1999.
Happy 60th Anniversary!

Some of the operators from the anniversary weekend - 1999
I can name a few I think?  First Row; John Brinkloe,
John Mercurio, (John Middleton?), Ed Fenton, Burt Shaw, Tom LaRoche, (?).
Top Row; (?), Mark Sullivan, Bill Higginbotham, Gail Harrje,
(?), Bob Reich, Todd Brown, Rick Russell.

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Various News stories during the summer of 2015 about the
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