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Theodore Roosevelt Artifacts in Maine

Mirror from Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch in North
Dakota. Wilmot S. Dow's grandson, John Dow, donated this
TR artifact along with two other precious, personal TR items to
the Presque Isle Historical Society. John Dow's father, Wilmot E.
Dow, was a "Badlands Baby".  Wilmot E. Dow's father, Wilmot S.
Dow, and William Wingate Sewall were Maine guides
that became lifelong friends of Theodore Roosevelt.
Image courtesy of the Presque Isle Historical Society

     The media coverage in advance of the Teddy Roosevelt Days, a fundraising event to benefit the Narcissus project at Seashore Trolley Museum, was exemplary. One of the many wonderful outcomes from that media exposure was an email from Kimberly R. Smith, Secretary/Treasurer, Special Programs and Events Coordinator at the Presque Isle Historical Society. Kimberly expressed the Historical Society's interest in exploring opportunities to collaborate with the Seashore Trolley Museum in future Theodore Roosevelt events. The Historical Society is holding, in public trust, three Theodore Roosevelt artifacts.

Colt, long-barreled, 40 caliber revolver, used by Theodore Roosevelt.
Wilmot S. Dow's grandson, John Dow, donated this TR artifact
along with two other precious, personal TR items to the
Presque Isle Historical Society. John Dow's father, Wilmot E. Dow,
was a "Badlands Baby".  Wilmot E. Dow's father, Wilmot S. Dow,
and William Wingate Sewall were Maine guides
that became lifelong friends of Theodore Roosevelt.
Image courtesy of the Presque Isle Historical Society

Large, leather moose call used by Theodore Roosevelt. Wilmot S. Dow's
grandson, John Dow, donated this TR artifact along with two other precious,
personal TR items to the Presque Isle Historical Society. John Dow's father,
Wilmot E. Dow was a "Badlands Baby".  Wilmot E. Dow's father,
Wilmot S. Dow and William Wingate Sewall were Maine guides
that became lifelong friends of Theodore Roosevelt.
Image courtesy of the Presque Isle Historical Society

     Theodore Roosevelt made a number of visits to Maine. Yes, there were times, when he was older, that those visits would have been made as necessitated by his politics. However, the majority of his visits were for personal gain. I speak of personal gain in the sense of his own personal health and well being. We know Maine to be, "Vacationland", "The Way Life Should Be". Maine has long been known as a place to "re-create", to renew one's self, to contemplate one's purpose or direction. Whether being near the ebb and flow of the mesmerizing coastline or taking in its breathtaking vistas along so many beautiful rivers and mountains, this great state of Maine has drawn many a soul in seeking fresh air and perhaps inner guidance to a fresh start.

     It is well documented that as a youngster, TR's general health and physical strength was not good. His father, at the advice of trusted medical advisors, would send young TR out of Manhattan to the country for fresh air and exercise. This was the purpose of young TR's early visits to Maine. The summer of 1872, TR attended a summer camp at Moosehead Lake. While on the stagecoach ride, during the final leg of the trip to the camp, he was bullied by a couple of boys that would be attending the camp. From that experience, TR pledged to himself that he would work to improve his physical strength and abilities so that he could protect himself in the future. He worked very hard, over the ensuing years, to keep the pledge he made to himself, and he did improve his health and physical strength.

     TR was an undergraduate student at Harvard University in 1878 when he visited Island Falls, Maine in Aroostook County. TR was still grieving the death of his father when he first was with Maine guides William Sewall and Sewall's nephew, Wilmot S. Dow that late summer of 1878. TR would return in February 1879 and once more in August of 1879. TR recalls these visits to Maine in a letter he wrote on March 20, 1918, titled, "My Debt To Maine" by Col. Theodore Roosevelt - And the opening paragraph states, "I owe a personal debt to Maine because of my association with certain staunch friends in Aroostook County; an association that helped and benefitted me throughout my life in more ways than one." This note was written by TR four months before he and his family would travel to Dark Harbor, Maine, from the home in Sagamore Hill, to grieve the death of youngest son Quentin.

These comments have been culled from three books:
Maine My State, 1919, Written by Maine Writers Research Club
Becoming Teddy Roosevelt: How a Maine Guide Inspired America's 26th President, 2010, by Andrew Vietze
Quentin & Flora: A Roosevelt and a Vanderbilt in Love during the Great War, 2014, by Chip Bishop

Dow Genealogy courtesy of Presque Isle Historical Society:

The two Maine Guides that worked with Roosevelt and became lifelong friends were William Sewall and his nephew Wilmot Dow.

William Wingate Sewall had a sister, Pauline
Pauline Wentworth Sewall married Oliver Smith Dow on April 18, 1853
    - had five children, including Wilmot S. Dow (he was Sewall's nephew)

Wilmot S. Dow and his wife Lizzie
    - Wilmot E. Dow, b. 08/12/1886 (Badland Baby)
    - married Katherine Stevens in Presque Isle
    - owned a drug store in Presque Isle
    - had three daughters and two sons, Wilmot S. Dow and John A. Dow, b. 1917

It was John Dow, who lived and worked in Presque Isle and served a chair of the Chamber (of Commerce), who left the Historical Society the three artifacts.

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Various News stories during the summer of 2015 about the
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was a passenger on the Narcissus on August 18, 1914.

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