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Next Stop: Mount Katahdin, then The Oxbow, Aroostook River, Munsungan Lake, and more...

Joe Banavige trekked an estimated 200 or more miles by canoe and on
foot to retrace the steps of Theodore Roosevelt through the North Dakota
Wilderness, eventually concluding his journey at the Stark County
Courthouse Thursday morning. Photo by Ellie Potter/The Dickinson Press

Read the entire Dickinson Press story here

How appropriate, that I should receive this email of introduction from Sharon Kilzer, project manager at the Theodore Roosevelt Center, on the Friday that kicks off the Memorial Day Weekend. 

"Phil Morse, meet Joe Banavige. By copy of this email, I am introducing the two of you. Phil, Joe has undertaken a new project to reproduce many of Theodore Roosevelt's adventures. You can read about his journey down the Little Missouri River and overland to Dickinson, retracing the capture of the boat thieves, in today's Dickinson Press

Joe's next adventure will be in Maine, canoeing the Aroostook River and Munsungan Lake. Joe has already connected with Bill Sewall's descendants, and I thought you might be helpful to him, based on your research on TR's journeys in that region."

Best regards to you both,

I clicked on the newspaper story link. Read the story and then clicked on the link to learn Joe's Story.
I did a reply-all email to Sharon and shared my eagerness to help Joe in any way he might need my help making contacts for his trek here in Maine. Joe responded to my email on Monday. We hit it off right from the start:) When he told me that his brother-in-law, a retired Maine State Trooper from Palermo, ME, would be joining him on the trek here in Maine, I checked in with ThorntonAcademy's Chief of Campus Safety, Jim Trask (a retired Maine State Trooper). I asked Jim if he happened to know Gerard Madden, also a retired MST? Jim's response was, "Hi Phil, I know Gerry very well, we were classmates in the SP Academy of 1984. He is a friend. You will like him, he has a great sense of humor. Give him my best. Jim" Through Joe, I have passed on Jim's salutation. Here is more info and some links to what Joe is about. I hope you will consider making a donation to help Joe and the Semper Fi Fund he is dedicating his heroic efforts to support:

It was quite the strenuous adventure, and I really characterize it as
brutal.  I've confirmed three of my upcoming events
(Lake Waconia Half Marathon (June 3), Tough Mudder (July) and
World's Toughest Mudder (August)).
See full schedule of 2017 events Here

Joe is retracing "The Terrain of Theodore Roosevelt" and redoing many of TR's lifelong adventures. "I started a little while back and have recently completed activities in the White Mountains and also just completed a 200-mile Dakota Territory trek that focused on following the story where TR chased thieves over the Little Missouri River, caught them and then drove them overland back down to Dickinson, North Dakota. An overview of my project, as well as a press article on the Dakota Territory piece, are below":

Click Here: For overview of my project 

Click Here: For Dakota Territory News Story

Click Here: For My Facebook Page which is somewhat of a blog for the overall effort

Click Here: Semper Fi Fund and Joe's Story

"I am now turning to Maine in mid-June and will be retracing a number of Tr's steps in the area around Mount Katahdin and Island Falls. I'll be focused on TR's August/September 1879 adventures and will summit Katahdin, canoe from Oxbow to Munsungan Lake and will also do some canoeing around Island Falls. One interesting point of note is that TR was guided by William Sewall on these trips and Sewall went to Dakota with TR and was one of the men on the Dakota boat chase adventure. Sewall was basically a mentor to TR and a lifelong friend. I'm also getting assistance in Maine (Phil Morse is a great example and is a member of the Maine Theodore Roosevelt Association) and I'll be completing the adventures with my brother-in-law, who is a retired Maine State Trooper. I've also been coordinating with Bart DeWolfe (Maine Woods Forever), Donna Davidge (Island Falls, Sewall House) as well as others. Our family is also an owner of a house in Maine (Palermo), so we have had long ties to the area."

Joe Banavige

For those Narcissus Project Blog followers, you may recall, I have released a number of posts on Theodore Roosevelt and his connections here in Maine, including those that Joe will be retracing. For more on those particular posts, here are the links:

This first link probably summarizes TR's Maine visits and connections to Maine most comprehensively.

Click Here: - Theodore Roosevelt and the Narcissus - Connecting Maine Communities
Click Here: - Theodore Roosevelt First Visited Maine as young teenager
Click Here: - Two Accomplished Writers and a National Park Service Ranger from Sagamore Hill
Click Here: - Longfellow Square is Where the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway Begins
Click Here: - Experience Theodore Roosevelt: Naturalist, Nature, and the Narcissus
Click Here: - Theodore Roosevelt: Conservation - National Parks and Monuments
Click Here: - Theodore Roosevelt Artifacts Here in Maine
Click Here: - Bible Point - Island Falls, Maine & Theodore Roosevelt
Click Here: - Theodore Roosevelt Grieved in Dark Harbor on Islesboro, Maine
Click Here: - Theodore Roosevelt Maine Conservation Award - Maine Woods Forever 4-15-2016
Click Here: - Teddy Roosevelt Days 2016 - Michael Canfield: "Theodore Roosevelt Field Notes"
Click Here: - Teddy Roosevelt Days 2016 - TR Artifacts and a Successful Event
Click Here: - A President Has Ridden in My House!
Click Here: - A Previously Unknown Image of Theodore Roosevelt in Maine - Resolved:)
Click Here: - 2017 Theodore Roosevelt Maine Conservation Award - Maine Woods Forever 4-7-2017

A Benefit Event For the Narcissus Project!

2017 Teddy Roosevelt Days at Seashore Trolley Museum

Click Here: For Full Schedule of All Activities  July 21-23 and online ticket sales to the Friday Opening Gala 

Mark your calendars (purchase your Friday-opening tickets in advance) and plan to attend the 2017 Teddy Roosevelt Days Event July 21-23, 2017

A Benefit Event For the Narcissus Project!

Click Here: First Post on 2017 Teddy Roosevelt Days - W. S. Libbey's 1908 Stanley Steamer
Click Here: Second Post on 2017 Teddy Roosevelt Days - Suzanne Buzby Hersey - "My Maine"
Click Here: Third Post on 2017 Teddy Roosevelt Days - Wade Zahares - Artist

More details on the celebration will be announced soon.
The Friday activity requires a ticket to be purchased in
advance. There is limited seating for the Friday gala
opening activity. Saturday and Sunday are
general admission public offerings at

The Narcissus Project Blog was created in April 2015 for the purpose of reaching out to a large number of folks through the power of social media to introduce them to the Narcissus. The Narcissus is a luxury, high-speed, wooden electric interurban. The Narcissus was built in 1912 in Laconia, NH and operated on the Portland-Lewiston Interurban, in Maine, between Portland and Lewiston, from 1914 into 1933. Theodore Roosevelt was a passenger on the Narcissus on August 18, 1914. The blog posts appeal to folks with an interest in Theodore Roosevelt's connection to Maine, to folks generally interested in regional/local history, as well as those folks within the greater railway family. Hopefully, these posts will endear many of the readers to help support the Narcissus financially, as it undergoes a complete restoration over the next few years at Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine. 

We Did It!! 

$40,000 Raised!

Your Donations to the Narcissus Combined to Achieve the Goal Set Nineteen Months Ago. Raise $40,000 for the Narcissus to Meet the Challenge of the Matching Grant from the 

This brings the Combined Total Amount of Donations to the
Narcissus, based on the 20th Century Electric Railway Foundation's matching grants to $100,000!  

The $40,000 donation will be the 2nd donation to the Narcissus from the 20th Century Electric Railway Foundation as a result of successfully raising funds for a matching grant. A previous $10,000 matching grant challenge was achieved in 2014.

Donations made to the Narcissus Fund 816-A, for the remainder of 2017 and until further notice,
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See below for Donation options -

It starts with YOU....
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Please Help the Narcissus
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Donation Options to Help Restore the Narcissus:

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Thank You to our Current Funding Partners
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Enterprise Holding Foundation - 2015 Community Grant
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* The Conley Family - In Memory of Scott Libbey 2017/2016/2015
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The Narcissus, with interior back-lit, stained glass windows are majestic.
Make a donation today to help restore the interior of this Maine gem.
Help Theodore Roosevelt's Maine Ride get back on track! Once restored,
you will be able to ride in luxury on this National Historic Treasure at
Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine.
PWM photo

Please Consider Making a Donation to the Narcissus Restoration Project. We are currently raising funds to restore the interior of this Maine gem.

Various News stories during the summer of 2015 about the
Narcissus and its connection to Theodore Roosevelt. TR
was a passenger on the Narcissus on August 18, 1914.

Click Here to See the list of All Previous Blog Posts - 100-Plus

Link to Libb(e)y Family connections

Click Here - Portland Public Library Presentation - History of the Portland-Lewiston Interurban
Click Here - W. S. Libbey - The Man and His Mill
Click Here - W. S. Libbey - His 1908 Stanley Steamer K 30-hp Semi-Racer
Click Here - W. Scott Libbey's 1908 Stanley Steamer History to be Featured - July 21, 2017
Click Here - Scrapbook Celebrates the People of the Portland-Lewiston Interurban
Click Here - May 18, 1914, Newspaper Story on the Passing of PLI Builder, W. Scott Libbey
Click Here - 102nd Anniversary of the Opening of the Portland-Lewiston Interurban
Click Here - 83rd anniversary of the Closing of the Portland-Lewiston Interurban
Click Here - Sophia, W. S. Libbey Descendant Visits the Narcissus
Click Here - Libb(e)y Family Connection to Narcissus becomes Personal
Click Here - Ode To the Grand Old Interurban
Click Here - The Portland-Lewiston Interurban "Bouquet" is Ordered (1912)

Links to Narcissus Restoration Work:
Click Here - Ornate Leaded Stained Glass Work
Click Here - Narcissus Enters Town House Restoration Shop
Click Here - Sorting and Cleaning Materials on Interior of the Narcissus
Click Here - September 7, 2015, Restoration Report
Click Here - December 7, 2015, Restoration Report
Click Here - December 14, 2015, Restoration Report
Click Here - Beautiful Brass of the Narcissus
Click Here - December 28, 2015 Restoration Update
Click Here - January 4, 2016, Restoration Update
Click Here - Vallee Family Photos of Narcissus 1960s
Click Here - February 11, 2016, Restoration Update
Click Here - A Wooden Interurban - Restoration Info
Click Here - NRHS 2016 Heritage Grant Award to Narcissus
Click Here - Announcement of 2016 Teddy Roosevelt Days Fundraising Event for the Narcissus
Click Here - Series of Restoration Posts related to work on exterior poplar frames
Click Here - Vintage Poplar used in Narcissus restoration
Click Here - Mahogany Sash passenger windows being restored
Click Here - "A President Has Ridden in My House!" - Video of Dan Vallee
Click Here - Teddy Roosevelt Days 2016 - Weekend Event Benefits the Narcissus
Click Here - August 2016 Restoration Update
Click Here - Mid-September Restoration Update
Click Here - Theodore Roosevelt & the Narcissus: Connecting Maine Communities
Click Here - How to Make New Seats for the Narcissus?
Click Here - 2016 Summary of Research and Outreach
Click Here - 2016 Restoration Summary

Narcissus - July 31, 2015. Make a donation today. 
 Help Theodore Roosevelt's Maine Ride get back on track!
Once restored, you will be able to ride in luxury on this
National Historic Treasure at
Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine.

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