Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The 2016 Narcissus Benefit Event Weekend, Teddy Roosevelt Days, a Success :)

Dan and Rose Vallee are together once again in the Narcissus. Married for 49
years, Dan first introduced Rose to his parents when the elder Vallees were
living in the Narcissus in Sabattus, Maine. This photo opportunity was
prepared specifically for photo opportunities inside the right side of the
smoking compartment during the three-day event to benefit the Narcissus
project. The restored original passenger windows in Santo Domingo
mahogany sash, with restored original leaded stained glass eyebrow
above, also in an original mahogany sash. All the mahogany components
seen here encasing the windows and the bulkhead frame (on far left
unfinished), including the brass hardware, are original to the Narcissus.
Notice the framed pictures of the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt
in the White House next to a 1914 image of the Narcissus in Gray :)

The 1912 Portland-Lewiston Interurban, Narcissus the night before the
Teddy Roosevelt Days benefit event guests will be invited to investigate
the beauty that we as volunteers or staff at Seashore Trolley Museum have
the privilege to experience daily.  All 26 restored stained glass
clerestory windows (13 on each side) were in place for the event. PWM

The right side at the number 1 end smoking compartment of the Narcissus.
The large leaded stained glass "eyebrow", on high, above the double-sash
passenger windows. Also in place for event guests viewing, for the three
day benefit event are the vertical sheathing on each side working
their way into the vertices of the restored exterior poplar arch halves.

Lead Restoration Technician, Donald Curry leaning against a window in the
Narcissus, as Narcissus project manager, Phil Morse, chats with event guests
inside Seashore Trolley Museum's Town House Restoration Shop. PWM

Captured capturing a special moment. The right side of the Narcissus
smoking compartment was prepared specifically for guest photo opportunities
during the benefit event. In the background is the number 1 end vestibule. One
can see original bulkhead window sash with brass hinges (left and right), the
center train door, large window sash on either side of the train door, and lower
panels below the sash. All original mahogany!

Did I mention how popular this photo opportunity was?

Left to Right - Narcissus project manager, Phil Morse, author, Michael
Canfield, Dan Vallee, and Seashore Trolley Museum Library Committee
member, Karen Dooks. Patricia Pierce Erikson photo

Presque Isle Historical Society's display of the beautiful artifacts of
Theodore Roosevelt's. In the case on the left is TR's birch-bark moose call
he used while hunting in Maine in 1878 & 1879 with Maine guides,
William Sewall and Wilmot Dow. The mirror on the wall in the back is the
original buffalo-horn mirror from TR's Elkhorn Ranch in North Dakota.
Sewall and Dow were hired as ranch hands for the ranch in the mid-1880s.
The Maine guides cut down trees and built the Elkhorn Ranch and lived in the
ranch house with their wives (and had children) and with TR. In the case on
the right, is TR's single action, Colt 40 caliber long-barreled revolver used
in the Dakotas. PWM

How cool is this shot? The reflection in Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch
mirror is of the three men that used this very mirror on a daily basis for three
years in North Dakota in the mid-1880s! (L-R) Theodore Roosevelt,
Wilmot Dow, and William Sewall. The image is from February 1879 in Maine.
TRC 520.12.015 PWM

Presque Isle Historical Society's, Kimberly Smith, introduces the Roosevelt
items to the guests assembled during the Friday reception of Teddy Roosevelt
Days event to benefit the Narcissus.

Author, Michael Canfield, discussed many intriguing points within his new
book about TR, "Theodore Roosevelt in the Field". I personally found the
book very engaging, and enlightening and recommend it strongly. PWM

Dan Vallee gave an extremely entertaining explanation of what his life was
like as he grew up living in the Narcissus in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Stories
of living conditions, family members and life in general as told through a
variety of personal stories. Well Done Dan!

Teddy Root Beer

Raffle prizes included a pine wood-barreled pen. The pine is from a
Narcissus clerestory, nailing roof rib. Also, an ash wood-barreled pen
was raffled off as well. PWM

An image that shows what the future has in store for us. After seeing so
many of the stained glass windows in place in the Narcissus over the
three-day event, my sense is that the Narcissus is going to be even more
beautiful when fully restored, then we even dreamed it might be.

360-degree view of the reception set up just prior to guests arriving. PWM

Click on: "Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride," to learn about the young reader historical fiction chapter book due for release this fall. Proceeds will benefit the Narcissus Project :)

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   Inside the Donald G. Curry Town House Restoration Shop, the Narcissus is in the midst of major work as we strive to complete its restoration. With our estimate to have the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Narcissus in the fall of 2021, we are now planning the interpretation portion of the Narcissus Project. Donations to the Narcissus Project may be used in the future to help tell the incredible 100-plus-year-old story of the Narcissus. Your donation to the Narcissus is helping to make the dream of the project's success, a reality.

The 2015 publication of, The Illustrated Atlas
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at Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport.
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The Narcissus, with interior back-lit, stained glass windows are majestic.
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PWM photo

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Various News stories during the summer of 2015 about the
Narcissus and its connection to Theodore Roosevelt. TR
was a passenger on the Narcissus on August 18, 1914.

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The Narcissus - July 31, 2015. Make a donation today.
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Once restored, you will be able to ride in luxury on this
Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine.